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Wording For Building Dedication Plaques

wording for dedication plaquesIf you are considering creating a new memorial for a place or family member, have you even thought about the process of choosing wording for building dedication plaques? Building dedications -- whether they commemorate the building or place itself, or someone who was instrumental in creating the building -- are a great way to keep the memory of a community figure, important donor, or some other type of "hero" alive and in the minds of the community.

Schools, hospitals, libraries, and even public works buildings are commonly given a name as a dedication to that memory. One of the hardest processes in doing this, is not choosing the person to dedicate the building to, but the wording for building dedication plaques. 

Words Last Forever

The reason why choosing the right words for a memorial plaque can be quite stressful is that words really do last forever -- particularly once they are enblazoned onto a plaque or memorial. Getting the message right, as well as the sentiment, is key. However, the name on the building is just one step in the process. The important part is the text on the dedication plaque that tells why the name is on the building. These words must be carefully chosen to best represent the person and the reasoning behind creating the memorial in the first place.

Choose Main Thought

When choosing wording for building dedication plaques one main thought should be found on the plaque. This could be the major contribution the person made, the highlight of a life well lived, or shining example of a heroic deed. 

Dates Are Always Good

Dates have a way of putting things into perspective. They have a way of connecting the here and now with past events. Wording for a building dedication plaque should always include dates of major significance. 

Honorary Memorial 

Besides the reason, and dates, for the building dedication plaque, there should be some type of tribute paid to the person who the building is named after. This can be something as simply as a thank you from a community to a few lines of poetry to a timeless quote. The idea is to show people to come in the future the impact of a person in the past.  No matter how well you've visualized the wording for building dedication plaque in your head, you'll never know exactly what it will turn out looking like until you see the finished product. After all, while you might be the person designing it, someone else is going to be the one to actually create it.

A best practice is to look for a laser engraver who can give you a proof of the design before you actually have the plaque created. This proof will give you the closest thing to the finished product. At Laser Engraved Memories, we give each and every one of our customers a FREE, no-obligation proof, no matter how inexpensive their plaque may be. Simply put, you don't pay until you approve the proof! If you are going to be dedicating a building, check out the memorial plaques page at LaserEngravedMemories.com today and call us for a no-obligation consultation.