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A piece of wood with a photo engraved into it -- sometimes referred to as Wood Photos -- can be the perfect gift for an anniversary or remembering a special occasion, however, its simplicity also makes it perfect for other occasions as well, such as a Christmas present for that cousin that lives abroad that you only see from time to time, or a grandparent whom you don't see that often anymore. If the photograph is chosen right, wood photos can be a perfect fit for almost any occasion.

Looking for laser-engraved wood photos? Take a look at our wide selection of custom wood gifts.

wood photosWood photos: Printed or Engraved?

There are different ways to engrave a photo into wood. Printing and engraving are the most commonly used, both for arts and crafts projects and for commercial purposes. In photo printing, the photos are printed directly into the wood, which applies ink, dye, or toner onto the wood surface. Other processes like photo mounting or dye sublimation printing involve printing the images into paper, which is then glue or heat transferred onto the wood. This process tends to be far less durable.
With an engraved wood photo, none of these limitations apply: the engraving lasts forever and makes a reliable gift, leaving no room for doubts about quality and durability. At Laser Engraved Memories, wood photos are engraved twice to achieve even more detail and high contrast.

"woodHow to personalize engraved wood photos?

At Laser Engraved Memories, the wood is the canvas and the possibilities are expansive. Whether you choose a picture from the family album or a photo from the last Facebook update, it’s possible to try and preview a variety of options to find the best match. Text, fonts, borders, layouts, and easels can be personalized. Solid Alder Wood, made in the US, makes the perfect canvas for your engraved wood photos as it matches all kinds of decorations, from rustic to ethnic modern.
Choose the photos you want to preserve in a high quality wood plaque and leave the engraving to us.

By Inês Raposo