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Why We Use Only Premium Black Granite

For the last 10 years we have used only premium, fine grain granite for laser engraving. This is because we want only the highest possible image quality for our customers. Before selecting a company for your laser photo engraving needs make sure to ask what type of granite they use.

Selecting Granite For Laser Engraving

Grain Makes a Difference

The type of granite makes a huge difference when laser engraving photographs. As you can see from the photos above the more coarse the grain in the granite the more noise you will have in the final engraving. Not only will there be more noise in the photograph but the coarse or large grain will significantly reduce the detail and contrast. So why would some companies use a coarse grain granite over a finer grain granite? The main reason is cost. Coarse grain black granite typically cost much less than a premium, fine grain black granite. Another reason availability. Premium black granite is not as readily avaiable compared to coarse grain granite.
Granite is a natural stone and will have some degree of grain and artifacts, but choosing a premium, fine grain granite will improve the engraving results dramatically.

Granite Memorial Plaque

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