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Tribute Plaques

Tribute plaques are often used as enduring symbols to immortalize someone’s memory. They come in a variety of styles and formats, and assure that your departed loved ones are remembered for years to come. Laser-engraved tribute plaques preserve cherished memories from fading away, and at the same time are highly customizable, giving you control of the way borders, text, fonts, backgrounds, and photos will look.

The most popular way to place tribute plaques is to attach them to headstones with the person’s date of birth and death. The work and design can be can be relatively simple, or highly intricate and complex, depending on the design and plaque features. However, tribute plaques are not only found in cemeteries -- they can be included alongside an urn, affixed to a memorial rock or sculpture, or even placed on a street or a wall.

What and how to write on tribute plaques

The first step is to go for the basics. If you are paying tribute to someone, start with the name and the dates. However, if you want to mark a special event, like a place of birth or an achievement, the basic approach
should be to include the words “On this site,” followed by a short description of the event. For a special event, it is key to be as concise and clear as possible, since you want to use the largest font size possible and the least amount of words in order to maximize the message on a memorial plaque. 

After you have the basic message, you can add some more information to the plaque, such as a summary of the person’s most important contributions and achievements. To get a more personalized tribute, think of a quote that captures you beloved one’s character and personality. Did he or she have a favorite saying or verse? If so, maybe it makes sense to include it in the plaque's message. 

tribute plaques for dead petsCustomization ideas for tribute plaques 

Doing some research can also help in designing and customizing a tribute plaque for a loved one or event, as you may find the words you’re looking for in tributes written by others. Browse our galleries at Laser Engraved Memories to see some examples, and try not to feel pressured during the design process; a tribute plaque doesn’t need lots of words to be meaningful. 

If you already know what to write, the next step is to choose a type of plaque. At Laser Engraved Memories, the possibilities and combinations are diverse, from classical materials like granite and marble, or more modern alternatives such as acrylic or wood. No matter what style or material you choose, be sure your beloved one’s memory is remembered in a high quality tribute plaque that lasts forever.

Inês Raposo