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Selecting The Right Granite For Laser Engraving

Selecting Granite For Laser Engraving

Grain Makes a Difference

The type of granite makes a huge difference when laser engraving photographs. As you can see from the photos above the more coarse the grain in the granite the more noise you will have in the final engraving. Not only will there be more noise in the photograph but the coarse or large grain will significantly reduce the detail and contrast.

Color is Important

The color of the granite will play another major factor when laser engraving photographs and text on granite. For example if you engrave a beige color, the engraving will be almost not visible at all. This is because of the engraving is light on a light color granite. There's simply no contrast. With that it's best to stick to the darkest color granites available, black being the preferred by most engravers in the industry. 

Below are some key points to look for when selecting granite for laser engraving.

1. Make sure the grain size is very, very small. You should almost not be able to see the grain when looking at it from 12-14 inches away.

2. Try to use the blackest granite possible. This results in more contrast between the picture and the granite.

3. Make sure there are no "Flecks" in the granite. Flecks are patterns in the granite that look holographic. When looking at a fleck in the granite it will be visible at one angle and not visible at other angles. Flecks can show up as dark spots once engraved.

4. Look for white spots in the granite. Most granite will have some degree of artifacts in it. The key to not having it is to use a premium grade. Premium grades are usually hand selected pieces that have minimal artifacts in them.