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Religious Dedication Plaques

There are many settings for Religious Dedication Plaques in churches, parish centers, schools, cemeteries  and even in the home. Read about some things to consider when making the choice.

Religious institutions have been at the center of traditional society since the beginning of civilization. Because religion has -- and still remains -- at the center of traditional culture, communities see religious buildings and gathering places not only as sacred houses for praying to God, but also as community hubs where people of similar beliefs come together. 

When a new religious structure is built -- whether it is a church, parish center, school, statue, cemetery, or other community-based meeting place -- the dedication of that new place is critically important to the community that supports it. In this way, the dedication ceremony -- which also often involves a prayer service of some sort -- ids well-served by including the unveiling and blessing of a religious dedication plaque.

For most buildings, such as schools and churches, cornerstones are often the most common and popular way to commemorate the dedication of a new religious structure. While in the past the stone itself was blessed and decorated, new designs simply utilize religious dedication plaques in order to denote when the structure was built and dedicated.

Similarly, religious dedication plaques can also be used at the base of statues, or as part of signage on cemetery gates.

At Laser Engraved Memories, we pride ourselves on understanding how to craft and deliver religious dedication plaques. Since our founding in 1996, we have been a part of countless religious dedication plaque projects, and can recommend the most appropriate fonts, designs, and construction materials. Be sure to see what we have to offer your religion organization today!