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Perpetual Award Plaque

Whether you run a business or are looking for an attractive, efficient, and high-profile way to award employees or other members of your team, a perpetual award plaque is a great choice. A perpetual award plaque is generally a wood-based interior plaque that hangs in an office, waiting room, or other high-profile or high-traffic area, and displays top performers, previous directors, or other milestones, usually associated with employees or teams.

The Perpetual Award Plaque As a Motivational Tool

It is a proven fact that honors and awards increase productivity, morale, and healthy competition in work environments, whether they be in schools, athletic departments, or business environments. For years, retail establishments have run "employee of the month" programs, choosing the best employee for each month and adding them to a plaque in recognition for their hard work. Sales-based businesses often use a perpetual award plaque to acknowledge leading salespeople as well. 

If you're looking for an effective motivational tool for your own organization, a perpetual award plaque is a cost-effective way of doing it.

Use A Perpetual Award Plaque As a Trophy

The perpetual award plaque has more applications than simply as a motivational tool. It can also be used as a trophy or other permanent marker for an athletic team. While individual awards are often given to athletes on a team that excel in a given season, it is not uncommon for a school or athletic club to create some kind of permanent record for who was on the team each year. 

In this setting, a perpetual award plaque allows you to create an attractive header for the plaque, highlighting the team information and the season that played together -- perhaps along with a laser engraved photo of the team -- and below the header, a placard for each teammate.

It's a perfect format for football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, or any other team sport!

Design Considerations for a Perpetual Award Plaque 

Because a perpetual award plaque is typically displayed indoors, the base of the plaque is usually rendered in a glossy piano wood finish, since it doesn't have to brave the elements. A wood base also makes a great canvas for brass or other polished metal name plates, which complement the rich, glossy wood nicely.

At the top of the plaque, where the general information for the award or dedication is displayed, there are a number of options for how to render and present the information. Typically, a larger, matching plate is laser engraved and affixed at the top, which includes text and perhaps even a laser engraved image.

At Laser Engraved Memories, we pride ourselves on crafting beautiful perpetual award plaques that will stand the test of time and honor stand-out employees and athletes. Be sure to check out our laser engraved plaques and request a FREE, no-obligation proof today! 

By Michael Nace