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Military Plaques

Engraved Marble & Granite MemorialsMilitary plaques are no longer reserved for war memorials and parks. Read how any family member or friend that is a veteran can be honored with a beautiful, custom engraved military plaque.

When you think of war memorials and military plaques, what comes to mind are sprawling, grandiose installations in parks and official grounds. Something like the World War II Memorial, Vietnam War Memorial wall, or the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for the Civil War all come to mind as great symbols of critical battles and wars fought by brave soldiers. Even regional and local war memorials and plaques are often thought of as something that governments and institutions invest in -- not average citizens.

And yet, the trend is changing when it comes to military plaques.

Now, families and friends are honoring their deceased veterans with military plaques that offer the same level of tribute and honor as ones you would find at a war memorial. Thanks to next-generation laser engraving and access to a wide range of rich, high-quality construction materials, military plaques are easily accessible and affordable.

Military Plaques & War Memorials: A History

Since the dawn of civilization, war memorials have been erected after great battles and at the end of long wars. However, the purpose of war memorials has changed dramatically over the years. Whether rendered in a statue or as a plaque of some sort, early war memorials up until even the 19th century were not focused on honoring the dead in a battle or war so much as they were on touting a great tactical victory or winning outcome to a long, brutal war. 

At the end of the 19th century, however, the purpose of war memorials began to shift away from highlighting victories toward honoring the dead. This turn came about most prominently during the end of World War I, which was deemed "The Great War" due to the catastrophic loss of life and countless casualties. The end of World War II, which saw an even more horrible outcome in the loss of lives led to a particular emphasis on honoring both dead soldiers and innocent victims of the war alike.

Now, however, a new trend has developed with war memorials -- honoring individual veterans of wars for their bravery and service.

Military Plaques For Your Veteran

Early engraving simply could not produce the exquisite results that modern laser engraving techniques can now accomplish. The combination of laser-precision renderings of photos and text, together with premium hardwoods, polished precious metals, and decorative stones such as granite and marble, can produce a military plaque that is just as grandiose and pronounced as larger ones seen at official war memorials.

Now, it is not uncommon for these military plaques to be incorporated along with gravestones, built into a mausoleum, or featured prominently inside the house.

Laser Engraved Memories is a leading online supplier of military plaques. Our team of skilled craftsmen combine the latest laser engraving technology with a true passion and attention to detail for crafting only the finest, most timeless military plaques for the brave veterans of our Armed services.

Be sure to browse our wide selection of memorial plaques today! 

By Michael Nace