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Memorial Plates and Plaques

Looking for a way to offer a lasting memory of a departed friend of loved one, either for yourself or for someone else? Memorial Plates and Plaques, customized through laser engraving, is a great option.

I remember that, no long after my Father passed away, my Mother took to finding and collecting as many photos of his as she could find. As a result of his passing, she made it a point to hang more photos of him, and tried to preserve the memory of my Dad as best she could. 

Years later, I often think about how she was essentially in search of something like Memorial Plates and Plaques, which nowadays can be customized through laser engraving to present the name and photo rendering of the departed for a loved one -- or for yourself.

Memorial Plates and Plaques Are An Appropriate Keepsake For a Funeral

The best time to consider crafting Memorial Plates and Plaques is around the time of the funeral, or just after. This is the most difficult time for a grieving family, and the best time to give such a cherished gift. It's quite possible that you have a special photo that the rest of the family may not have. This could be a perfect photo to use on a Memorial Plate or Plaque, since it will stand out from the rest of the photos and memories.

Memorial Plate or Plaque?

If you're trying to choose between either a plate or plaque format for a memorial, there are a few things to consider. First off, memorial plates tend to be displayed on a bookshelf or tabletop, held up by a small stand. Plaques, on the other hand, can be displayed in a similar manner, but by and large they look best on a wall -- preferably in a prominent, high-visibility room or foyer.

Also, generally speaking, memorial plates are not rendered in wood, and the most popular construction material is stone. Conversely, you're likely to find a wide range of material options for plaques, including rich woods, stone, metal, and even plastic. Plaques, however, tend to be larger, so if you're looking to give a smaller gift, 

Here's a handy guide for making the right choice:

  • Do you want to give a memorial that sits of a desk, table, or bookshelf? Go with a plate.
  • Do you want a memorial engraved in wood? Go with a plaque.
  • Do you want to give a small memorial? Go with a plate.
  • Do you want something that hangs prominently on a wall? Go with a plaque.

Whichever you choose, Laser Engraved Memories is the leading online resource for custom laser engraving memorial plates and plaques. Our expert craftsman can give you the exact look and feel that you're looking for in a special. As an added bonus, whenever you order from Laser Engraved Memories, you don't pay anything until or unless you approve a 100% FREE, no-obligation proof of your memorial. 

Be sure to take a look at our wide range of memorial products today!