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Memorial Plaques With Photo

Wood Memorial Plaque (Alder Wood)Memorial plaques with a photo are usually seen in cemeteries or used as on headstones, although it’s possible to attach them to urns or memorial rocks as well. Most memorial plaques with photos are inscribed with someone’s date of birth and death, side by side with a picture of the person in question.

We all know that photos are a powerful way of preserving treasured memories. That's why the idea of using a photo in a memorial plaque is such a powerful way to immortalize a memory, recalling the faces of loved ones that have passed away. Before photography, sculptures and paintings were already used as a way to immortalize someone’s passage on life. Now, laser engraving photos on memorial plaques is a way to perpetuate that and keep on living knowing the other won’t be forgotten. 

Memorial plaques with a laser engraved photo

Regardless of the photo, there are a wide range of memorial plaque formats to choose from, all of which guarantee that the memory of your loved-one will be forever symbolized in a lasting object. No other technique does it better than laser engraving, because it assures that the photo will never fade. Laser engraving also allows for an unrivaled level of detail, resulting in engraved picture true to the original.

You'll be amazed at how an engraving can be so detailed!

Wood Memorial Plaque (Alder Wood)Choosing a photo for a memorial plaque

When choosing a picture for laser engraving, all you need to have in mind is that the photo must be high-quality enough to capture as many details as possible. Grainy or blurry photos with soft or nondescript lines can be difficult to scan, and may result in a less accurate rendering, so be sure to settle on a photo that is both sentimental and clear.

Looking at photos for memorial plaques after a loved one passed away can be difficult, so be sure you choose a photo that captures the person’s essence.

Some people opt for the last photo taken before the person died, while others prefer to use a photo from the person’s infancy or youth, especially if they died in old age. It’s a matter of personal taste, and being sensible enough to choose a photo that will epitomize your loved one.

To see what can be done with a photo in a memorial plaque, be sure to check out Laser Engraved Memories product galleries, where you’ll find lots of possibilities and different styles to immortalize a special photo that pays tribute to a special person.

By Inês Raposo