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Memorial Plaques Personalized

memorial plaques personalizedMemorial plaques that are personalized are a great way to preserve the memory of those you love or admire which have passed on. Whether they are made of marble, granite, wood, or acrylic, memorial plaques are highly customizable and come in different shapes and sizes. 

Be Creative With Memorial Plaques that are Personalized

Having an engraved memorial plaque that is personalized sitting on a mantle top or special case is a great way to show honor to a much beloved family member. One way to do make the plaque special is to be creative in the materials used. Black granite memorial plaques are great for table top displays, attaching to headstones, or as memorial markers. At Laser Engraved Memories, the granite of choice is known as "Super Black," which makes the engraving highly detailed and allows high contrasts. A material like wood is also good both for memorial or dedication plaques, as it is unique and still timeless. 


For a little different creative flair, using something like Rosewood can be double engraved for a higher contrast. Polished to a high sheen, this type of memorial plaque is personalized with more than just the material, but with care. 

Personalizing that Memorial Plaque

With memorial plaques, using today's laser technology, you can make all of the design choices. These choices add a great level of personalization to the plaque which can be found in the way the borders are styled to the text font of the message you want to engrave, to the photo you want laser etched. Controlling backgrounds or photo embellishments are other options to ensure the final product is as unique as the person you are paying homage to.

At Laser Engraved Memories, there’s no need to be afraid to making wrong choices during the customization process. Before ordering, we provide a FREE, no-obligation proof showing exactly what your final product is going to look like once it’s finished. We will not charge you until you are happy with the proof -- no questions asked!