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Memorial Plaques Outdoors

memorial plaques outdoorsWill memorial plaques hold up outdoors? Read about these design considerations if you plan on displaying memorial plaques outdoors

Most memorial plaques are designed to live outdoors. Whether they are meant for a cornerstone, at a gravesite, or in a park or public place, the idea is that they will be able to withstand the test of time. However, there are some things to consider before deciding on what kind of memorial plaque you intend to use outdoors.

Traditionally, bronze has been used as the material of choice for memorial plaques outdoors. This was due mainly due the attractiveness of the metal. However, there are some drawbacks to bronze.

While bronze does indeed look attractive in the short term, the elements are not kind to bronze over time. If the plaque is exposed to rain, the bronze will begin to oxidize and rust, resulting in a mixture of green and black tarnish. In order to keep the plaque looking new, it will have to be steadfastly polished and maintained over time. 

Thus, what begins as looking attractive can quickly turn out looking like an eyesore.

There are a number of other plaque materials, such as glass, plastic, and wood – but none of these materials are recommended for outdoor use. Wood will eventually break down over time being exposed to different temperatures and precipitation, while glass and plastic are just not practical.

Perhaps what is the best material for memorial plaques outdoors is stone.

Like bronze, stone is a strong, rugged material that will hold up over time. Usually, the high quality granite and marble used in outdoor plaques are among the densest stones available on the market today. And unlike metal, which eventually corrodes or fades, store stays fresh looking forever.

If you’re looking for viable options for memorial plaques outdoors, be sure to consult with Laser Engraved Memories. Our craftsmen have proven experience in laser engraving plaques and stones of all types, and can help guide you through the process of choosing the right plaque for your needs. What’s more, Laser Engraved Memories offers a 100% no obligation proof .