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Memorial Plaques For Indoors

Memorial plaques need to be made out of durable material to resist the passage of time; after all they’ll be fixed to a wall, a tree or other landmarks for years to come, preserving the memory of lost loved ones. Granite is probably the number one choice for outdoor memorial plaques, but alternatives as marble or acrylic also perform well in open-air environments.

But what if your memorial plaque doesn't need to live outside? What if you're simply looking to create a memorial plaque for indoors?

If you want to pay homage to someone, remember that there are lots of places to put a plaque, besides cemeteries and house façades. And if you choose an indoor location, the design possibilities are much wider

Choosing the proper material for indoor memorial plaques

Memorial plaques for indoors can span a wide variety of materials, but perhaps the most attractive choice for indoor display is a glossy piano wood. If you're planning on featuring the plaque in a room with furniture or heavy wood trim then there is a wonderful opportunity to match up the wood type and finish with the wood in the room. From natural wood grains to deep, rich teak and cherry woods, there are many colors to choose from.

Laser engraved granite plaques are ideal for table top display, especially if you for black granite. At Laser Engraved Memories, our stone plaques offer a unique contrast for pictures and words that looks great indoors. Other options, like marble or acrylic are also available; check our galleries for more ideas and information.

Choosing the right words for indoor memorial plaques

After figuring out the place and material of a memorial plaque for you loved one, it’s important to think on the words to be engraved. The plaque is going to be indoors, remembering that special person to everyone that passes for years to come, that’s why is important to make sure it transmits the right message.


You cannot go wrong with basic information, like the name of the person and dates of birth and death, side by side with a picture that favors him or her. For extra personalization, you can include the person´s nickname, occupation, and preferred poem or song lyrics.  After having this figured out, you can navigate through Laser Engraved Memories webpage to have an idea of how the ideal plaque will look like in the end.



By Inês Raposo