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Memorial Plaques For Animals

memorial plaques for animalsFor many, the family pet is an integral part of the family, and the loss is felt very deeply. For this reason many families search for memorial plaques for animals in order to give them some sense of closure.

This memorial is more than just a keepsake it pays honor to a trusted, and much loved friend. Pets have a way of being a part of the family. As far back as human civilization history goes, there are accounts of people with their pets. Even in ancient Egypt, thousands of years before the birth of Christ, Egyptian kings, believing that what they were buried with would carry over with them to the afterlife, would be buried with their favorite pets.

Your family dog or cat (or any other beloved animal) is more than just a four-legged (or two, or none) animal. They are a part of your daily existence. For that reason, when a loved pet passes on, there is a palpable, sustained grief.

When people pass away, there are many customs and services that help people reach some sort of closure with the death. Typically, there is a funeral, a burial, and a reception. While there are not as many funeral services for the family, you can still celebrate their life through memorial plaques for animals.

Memorial Plaques for Animals and Closure

A memorial plaque for animals can go a long way toward helping families deal with the grief of a lost favorite pet. The reason why human beings have used gravestones and monuments since the dawn of civilization is simple: by honoring and remembering the dead, the fond, nostalgic memories of those people remain after the grief has faded. A memorial plaque for your pet gives you the same effect. 

One of the great innovations in recent history with memorial plaques for animals is laser engraving. Through laser engraving you now have the ability to write a personalized message on the plaque in a variety of different fonts and sizes. You can also set a photo of your pet right into the plaque itself through laser engraving and etching. 

This type of memorial plaque can make a tremendous impact in the way that you heal during this time of loss. Especially when it comes to the children in your family. 

If you've recently lost a beloved pet and you're looking to remember them in a fond manner, be sure to consider Laser Engraved Memories. We have established experience in crafting timeless memorial plaques for animals and pets, and will do our utmost to render your pet with the love and reverence that they deserve.