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Memorial Keepsakes For Loved Ones

There are million little gifts you can buy a loved one, particularly after they have lost a family member or close friend. Gift shops are filled with picture frames, photo albums, greeting cards, and small tabletop decorations, all within easy reach and priced at a wide range of different prices. However, if you're looking for special Memorial Keepsakes For Loved Ones, then you might have to dig a little deeper and put a bit more effort into finding and crafting the gift.

Customizing Memorial Keepsakes For Loved Ones

The key to giving a timeless, memorable Memorial Keepsake For a Loved One, you should think about one of two options:

  1. Find a keepsake that is truly one of a kind. Usually this means buying an antique or very expensive item.
  2. Utilize laser engraving to customize a memorial keepsake. Usually this is a quicker, easier, and less expensive option.

Thanks to advancing technology in laser engraving, a wide range of different items can be customized to include custom text in a variety of different fonts, beautiful borders, and even laser engraved renderings of photos and portraits. This versatility and precision works well with Memorial Keepsakes For Loved Ones, since it gives you the chance to immortalize the departed with a gift that serves as a constant living memory of the person who passed away.


Engraved Wood Diploma

Engraved Wood Diplomas and Certificates

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Engraved Wood Photographs

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Engraved Picture Frames

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Personalized Photo Album

Personalized Photo Album - Large

Heart Granite Photo

Laser Engraved Granite Heart Plaque

Hinged Photo Frame

Hinged Wood Photo Frame

Arched Piano Award - Clock

Arched Piano Award With Clock


Ideas For Memorial Keepsakes For Loved Ones

Thanks to laser engraving technology, virtually anything can be engraved with custom text and graphics these days. This includes items made of metal, stone, plastic, and even wood. However, when it comes to giving someone a keepsake of their lost loved one, it is best to choose an item that you can also add additional photos or memories to.

The following are a few easy ideas for choosing a keepsake to laser engrave:

  • Wood or metal photo frames.
  • Granite photo tiles or slates of the person's portrait.
  • Engraved wood photo albums.
  • Wooden recreations of college diplomas or other awards.
  • Customized DVD cases and holders.
  • Attractive memorial plaques made of stone and metal.

If you're looking to custom laser engrave a Memorial Keepsake For Your Loved One, consider Laser Engraved Memories. As a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we are the leading online resource for custom engraved gifts. Order your FREE, no-obligation proof today!

By Michael Nace