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The wood we use for laser engraving

For our application of photo engrvaing we have found that Alder wood works best. It offers a high contrast engraving with consistant results. In many cases it's better to be seen and not heard and in the case of Alder wood it fits this bill. For the most part it has a subtle grain which can be seen but is not distracting from the photo being engraved. 


Final Analysis

Wood is a very challenging material for photograph engraving however once you are dialed in you can produce very consistent results. Selection of the wood is ONE key factor in producing a quality engraving with detail and contrast. The other key factors are image processing and the print settings for the laser engraver. These are just as important as wood selection and usually requires a significant amount of testing.

Examples below using our Epilog 35 watt Laser Engraver

The example on the left in on Alder wood & on the right is Pacific Coast Maple. CLICK below to see Larger version

I'm hoping to have a detailed article in the near future to cover some of the principles of photo processing and print settings. Thanks' for reading!

Author: Michael Wallis

Equipment and software used in this comparison

  • Laser Engraver - Epilog Mini 35 watt (12x24")
  • Image Processing Software - Universal Laser 1-Touch Laser Photo
  • Printing Software - Corel Draw X4
  • Wood Supplier - Colorado Heirloom