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How To Section

How to contact us
If you have any questions you can contact us in one of two ways. You can either send us a email at sales@laserengravedmemories.com or you can give us a call at (559)341-4951 and ask for Mike.

How to get your personal photo to us
There are three ways to get your photo or diploma/certificate to us.
(1) You can upload your photo at the time of order by clicking on a item on the "order menu" then uploading your photo in the order form, or Email it to: Sales@LaserEngravedMemories.com.

(2) Need to mail us your Photo? Click here for mailing info
(3) You can E-mail it to us at: Sales@LaserEngravedMemories.com. When E-mailing your image please do not resize or make them smaller.

How to scan my image in for engraving
Although we accept almost all forms of image files, if your scanning your image we recommend scanning it at 300 DPI on a Grayscale setting. Some diplomas and certificates are to large to scan all at once. We recommend scanning documents like these in two parts and overlapping the scan. Once we receive both of the 2 part scanned images we will then merge them together here. If you are uploading more than one image, upload them one at a time please.

How to clean your marble photo, marble diploma or marble memorial
The best method of cleaning any of our marble products is with a dry cloth. If necessary use a damp cloth to remove light residue and stains. Never use soap or detergent to clean marble these products can stain the surface. If the piece is to be placed outside calcium deposits can build up and discolor the engraving, it's recommended to lightly wipe the marble or granite periodically.

How to clean your wood engraving "Diploma \ certificate, wood photo or wood plaque"
Using a small amount of furniture polish works well for cleaning and preserving your wood engraving. To clean using furniture polish spray a small amount onto a soft cloth and gently clean around the engraved area. Try not to spray directly on the piece as some polish may get into the fine details.