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Hospital Dedication Plaques

hospital dedication plaquesA hospital is usually home to one or more important hospital dedication plaques. Read about the various applications for hospital dedication plaques, as well as the best design considerations.

If you've ever stepped into a hospital (and most likely you have for one reason or another), then you've probably noticed that there is at least one hospital dedication plaque prominently displayed. In fact, depending on the size of the hospital, you might even encounter several hospital dedication plaques as you move throughout the facility. There's a good reason for this: 1) hospitals are typically funded and built by donation from philanthropists, whose names are mentioned on a plaque in recognition of their donation, and 2) hospitals usually undergo several expansions in their histories, each of which were most likely funded by other philanthropists. This is why the entire hospital may bear the name of one donor, but certain wings of the hospital may feature hospital dedication plaques bearing other names. 

Noting who donated funding for a new hospital or hospital wing is important not only to honor the generosity of a philanthropist, but also to encourage future expansions and donations. Much like how awards and trophies often inspire increased effort, productivity, and competition, so too does the reminder of generous giving inspire more giving.

Anonymous Hospital Dedication Plaque

Of course, there is also a common tendency -- particularly among devout Christians -- to make anonymous donations to hospitals and other charities, so that they themselves take not credit or benefit from any positiver publicity from their generosity. This was a teaching of Christ, and one that resonates with many philanthropists. 

As a result, it is also possible to see a hospital dedication plaque used not honor the person who gave the money for a new wing or facility, but rather to honor a group of people, a great researcher, or perhaps someone in their family who died of a particular illness that the new facility addresses. This is another viable option for the use of hospital dedication plaques.

hospital dedication plaque exampleHospital Dedication Plaque Designs

With these ideas in mind, what are some good design ideas for hospital dedication plaques? Generally speaking, a hospital dedication plaque usually contains more text than simple cornerstones or memorial plaques, in order to explain to the reader what the plaque is really all about. If the plaque is highlighting the donor, then the text will usually explain the life and mission of the donor. If this is the kind of hospital dedication plaque you are looking to design, it is best to utilize a large for the title of the plaque, and smaller fonts for the explanation.

It's also worth noting that laser engraved pictures are usually included is this type of hospital dedication plaque. If you're working with a horizontal rectangle plaque, the portrait should be flush left or right, with the title and text right next to the picture.

Of course, some plaques do not focus on just one person, but rather a group of people. Typically speaking, this types of plaques do not feature a laser engraved photo, so more text can be added in order to explain the particulars of the dedication.

If you're looking to design and create hospital dedication plaques, be sure to browse the wide selection of options at Laser Engraved Memories. Visit our Dedication Plaques page today!