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Holiday Gift Ideas

When it comes to coming up with fresh holiday gift ideas, it can be difficult to figure out what friends and family really want. Read our handy buying guide for great personalized holiday gift ideas that will be a timeless treasure for your loved ones.

With maybe the exception of children, who always seem to know exactly which toy they want, buying gifts for people can be difficult. Unless you share the same passions and interests as them, it can be difficult to buy them something that aligned with their own hobbies, and more generic gifts just don't seem "special" enough. And of course, there are always people in your friends and family circles who "have everything."

What do you get these people for Christmas? Their birthdays? Mother's Day? Father's day?

All of the national holidays, together with the new "Hallmark holidays," make for a long and difficult gift-buying list. Here are some of the most popular national holidays in the United States:

  • New Year's Day: Starting the new year can be a perfect opportunity to start fresh in a relationship, or appreciate someone in your life.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: Often an opportunity to give a gift related to African-American culture and pride.
  • Veterans Day: A perfect holiday to give a gift that commemorates a veteran's valor or service to the country in the armed forces.
  • Christmas Day: Perhaps the most popular day of the year in the U.S. to give gifts, both to children and to adults as well.
  • Passover: Observed in the Jewish faith as a gift-giving holiday that is somewhat similar to Christmas in terms of the gifting tradition.
  • Valentine's Day: A popular holiday for married couples and sweethearts to offer a gift as a symbol of their love for one another.
  • Easter Day: A Christian holiday where children receive candy and sometimes small toys, and adults may also exchange token religious gifts.
  • Mother's Day: A day to honor mothers. This is also one of the biggest days of the year to give gifts.
  • Father's Day: Similar to Mother's Day, it is a day to honor Fathers and give them a gift that honors them.
  • Grandparent's Day: Similar to both Mother's Day and Father's day, Grandparent's Day is also a popular gift-giving day.
  • Halloween: Usually gifts come in the form of candy.
  • Black Friday: Not typically a gift giving day but a day when U.S. shoppers shop for Christmas gifts. It is also a day believed to be ideal for buying valuable bargains for Christmas shopping.


Laser Engraved Holiday Gift Ideas

All of the typical gifts that you might find in a gift shop may not seem very special. However, if you add laser engraving into the mix, you can take a bland, cookie-cutter holiday gift and make it into something really special. Laser engraving allows you to add a custom photo or image as well as some personalized text to a wide range of gift items. Best of all, now that laser engraving technology has become so sophisticated, the engraving can be done on virtually any surface, whether it be stone, marble, metal, wood, or plastic.

Here are some great holiday gift ideas that you can enhance with laser engraved message:

At Laser Engraved Memories, we can personalize all of these great holiday gift ideas to your specific needs. Be sure to check out our Engraved Photos page for more gift ideas!     

By Inês Raposo