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Funeral Keepsakes


Funeral keepsakes are a tasteful, timeless, and treasured memento of a lost loved one that endures well past the initial grief and sadness associated with losing someone. Read about how to choose an appropriate funeral keepsake, and which style best matches the occasion. 

For those who lose a loved one, a funeral is often seen as a final parting in this world. And yet, amid the grief and mourning of a funeral service, there is also a strength and love that endures for the friends and family of the departed. For those who are spiritual, it is an opportunity for the bereaved to reaffirm their faith. It is also a time where a family and even an entire community comes together to pledge support, comfort, and homage to the passing of someone whom they all loved and cherished.

In many ways, a funeral is a new beginning -- the start of a "new normal" for the bereaved, and the chance for something powerful and beautiful to rise out of the initial sadness that loss brings.

Funeral Keepsakes Honor The Fond Memory -- Not The Grief

Over the past decade or so, American culture has increasingly focused on new and sincere ways of honoring lost loved ones. From endearing memorials that are often maintained at tragic accident sites, to stately monuments for brave, fallen veterans who died serving their country, now more ever, friends and family are seeking to immortalize the departed in a timeless manner.

While burials almost always include a grave marker of some kind, additional funeral keepsakes can add a truly cherished touch to a bereaved family. A funeral keepsake endures well past the grief and sadness of the day someone is buried. Once the mourning has passed, what is left is a fond, nostalgic, and enduring memory that can be passed down from generation to generation.

The following are a few funeral keepsake ideas:

funeral keepsakes - engraved photosEngraved Photos:

Thanks to new and innovative laser-engraving technology, photos can now be engraved into memorial plaques with an incredible likeness and attention to detail. No longer are memorial plaques such as these relegated to official monuments and buildings -- anyone can own and display engraved photos in their own home or office. 

An engraved photo can be featured on a stone plaque, which can then be displayed on a sturdy easel for use on a table or breakfront, or an attractive wooden plaque can feature an engraved photo and be hung prominently on a wall. In either case, engraved photos are an ideal funeral keepsake -- either a bereaved family can purchase one to display at the funeral reception, or they can be given as a gift.

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funeral keepsakes - engraved picture framesEngraved Picture Frames:

Flowers and donations to charities are often the most popular gifts that attendees give to a bereaved family. While these types of gifts are wonderful and typically much-appreciated by families, sometimes a close friend of the departed and his or her family will look to give something more personal and enduring.

Engraved picture frames make for affordable yet completely customizable funeral keepsakes that stand the test of time. Engraved picture frames at Laser Engraved Memories are constructed of rich, solid Alder wood, and can be personalized with any special message using a wide range of fonts and sizes. Together with a one-of-a-kind photo, it will be a small yet poignant funeral keepsake that will honor the memory of a strong bond.

Get more information about engraved picture frames.

funeral keepsakes - engraved photo albums

Engraved Photo Albums:

For a truly unique funeral keepsake, why not collect all of your old photos of a departed loved one, scan them into your computer for posterity, and give them back in a beautifully engraved photo album? Photo albums are always a special gift -- it gives the bereaved an opportunity to unlock the past and bring back fond, fresh memories from years past. An engraved photo album not only collects and arranges these memories, but also allows you to imprint a special, heartfelt message on the cover as well.

Laser Engraved Memories offers two stunning photo albums, which feature a strong wooden construction made of matched rosewood and maple. In addition to adding custom text to the cover, it can also feature a laser-engraved photo image as well to capture a quintessential moment in the departed person's life. When you give an engraved photo album as a funeral keepsake, you are unlocking a portal to the past for a lifetime of fond memories.

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On the day of a funeral, it's never easy to say your final peace and depart from a cementary -- it is a closing of a chapter in one's life that is impossible to overcome completely. Yet, funeral keepsakes can help highlight the positive and quell the negative on such a difficult and painful occasion.


By Michael Nace