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Engraving Gifts

engraving giftsLooking for information on engraving gifts for a special present? Read about the entire process here.

Engraving gifts is the perfect to take what may at first be considered a mundane gift idea and turning it into a truly special, memorable present that your friend or family member will never forget. What's fascinating about laser engraving a special message onto a gift is that it instantly transforms the item from something ordinary into a collectable keepsake. For example, a plain, old picture frame will join the multitudes of others in a home, but a personalized picture frame will have a special place in the house.

However, if you plan on visiting your local gift shop or mall, don't plan on engraving gifts quickly, easily, or the way you want it. Most gift shops do not offer in-house laser engraving, which means that whatever you purchase in the store will have to be shipped off-site -- most like to a third-party laser engraver -- which could take weeks. Similarly, there are a few national laser engraving chains, but they too usually do not do the work on-site, they charge a lot of money, and often times they are limited in what they can engrave into gifts.

Options For Engraving Gifts

You can always tell when you're working with a good laser engraver when they can give you a wide selection of options for engraving gifts. Usually, if you encounter a lot of disclaimers from online gift retailers on what they cannot do -- such as reproducing photos or logos -- then they are most likely not doing the engraving themselves.

For gift engraving, you should usually have the following options:

  • Various fonts for text.
  • Various sizes for text.
  • A choice of borders.
  • The ability to engrave photos or logos.
  • Engraving on a wide range of surfaces.

In particular, the ability to engrave photos and logos opens up a wealth of opportunities. With photos, you can give an engraved gift that captures a person or a memorable moment, while engraving logos allows businesses to craft branded awards for their clients and employees.

Engraving Gifts the Laser Engraved Memories Way

At Laser Engraved Memories, we take great pride in engraving gifts that last lifetime and create lasting impressions for friends and families. Our process begins with offering several gift options that work for a wide range of different gifting occasions, such as Christmas, a Birthday, Wedding, Funeral, or other momentous occasion. There include:

  • Picture frames
  • Photo albums
  • DVD cases
  • Engraved photo tiles
  • Diploma and certificate plaques
  • Memorial plaques

Our products come in a wide range of different construction materials as well. We use rich woods, stately stone and marble, ornamental metals, and high-impact plastic, all of which offer optimal surfaces for laser engraving gifts. 

Also, all of our custom engraved gifts are backed by a 100% quality guarantee. We provide you with a FREE proof before we make the product -- you pay nothing until you are completely satisfied!

If you're ready to leave the process of laser engraving gifts to the experts, be sure to browse our selection here at Laser Engraved Memories.

By Michael Nace