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Whether you are throwing a goodbye party for a colleague, preparing a marriage receptions, or planning a high school reunion, engraving and gifts are two words to keep in mind for crafting head-turning gifts and signage. For important celebrations, it’s typical to offer some kind of gift or souvenir to the ones involved. This gesture is a statement of your desire to keep the moment alive the next day and many more to follow -- a desire that is best realized in the form of a laser engraved gift.

Why mix engraving and gifts?

Engraving is one the best techniques to personalize all kind of gift ideas, such as traditional pens and key chains, but also more eclectic gifts like wood DVD cases or photo albums. Few other gift options offer the same degree of detail and durability as engraving a gift: the use of a laser allows a high quality engraving, comforming to your preferences and style.

Engraved Marble & Granite Photographs

Engraved Marble & Granite Photographs

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Engraved Wood Photographs

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Engraved Picture Frames

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Hinged Photo Frame

Hinged Wood Photo Frame


How to choose a gift that goes well with engraving?

If you want to reward your coworkers or wedding guests with a memorable gift and you come to the decision that engraving is the best solution, all you have to do is choose what goes well with the event you want to immortalize and the message you want to pass.

In a company meeting, pens are a safe option, as they are functional and easily related with work: in an office there’s no such thing as too many pens. You can browse Laser Engraved Memories' photo galleries to choose a style that will please most people. You can engrave the company initials and the date of the meeting for a lasting souvenir.

Wedding gifts can be bit more creative. Why not reward your guests with a DVD from the ceremony in a wood DVD case with the names of the bride and groom engraved? If the idea of offering a high quality engraved wood object suits you, customizable wood albums may also be an option to consider, as you can fill them with photos from the wedding and offer them to special guest.  

For more ideas, be sure to browse Laser Engraved Memories' wide selection, where engraving and gifts meet.

By Inês Raposo