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Engraved Plaques

Engraved TilesChoosing the right picture is the core of successfully engraved plaques, and that’s the reason why high quality engraving is so important. No one wants to see a photo of a beloved one with the wrong colors or badly reproduced in a plaque that will last forever. The same applies for those who want to immortalize moments with pictures, as anyone who is planning an engraved plaque expects it to be as faithful to the original as possible.

Why use laser to engrave a memorial plaque picture?

Engraving pictures with laser technology in engraved plaques offers both permanency and precision. A laser can be used to engrave pictures in memorial plaques made of different materials without losing any quality, because no inks or tool bits are used during the process -- the stone or plastic is vaporized away, and wood is essentially "burned." It doesn’t matter if you choose wood or granite to engrave a plaque with a picture, if it’s done by laser, the picture won’t wear out or need to be replaced or touched up frequently, as it happens with other engraving and marking techniques.

Engraved Marble & Granite Pet MemorialsWhich materials are used for engraving plaques?

The material you choose for engraved plaques will be the canvas for the picture, and the engraving results will depend on the type of canvas you choose. The same picture will engrave very differently on wood, acrylic granite, or marble. If you are having trouble to figure how the materials will adapt to the picture of your choice, navigate through our galleries for examples and detailed information on each material.

Making design decisions for memorials for those we love can be difficult. At Laser Engraved Memories, we prove all of our customers with a FREE, no-obligation proof of your engraved plaque design -- you pay nothing until you 100% approve the design. 

Be sure to check out our memorial plaques page for more options.

By Inês Raposo