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Engraved Custom Diplomas

A diploma or a certificate says a lot about one’s path in life. After all, any official document or certificate of achievement not only attests to a person’s unique skills and education, but also provokes a certain sense of accomplishment. Engraved Custom Diplomas allow you to display an engraved copy of the original on a rich, timeless marble, granite, wood, or brass base, all while safely filing the official document away, without having to give up on proudly and prominently displaying your diploma

Engraved Custom Diplomas come in different materials to match individual taste, and blend in every setting. Between metal, stone, wood or acrylic, there is a wealth of different design possibilities in different styles, sizes, and finishes. 

Engraved Custom Diplomas: Metal or Stone?

A custom, laser-engraved plaque on a metal base adds a timeless luster to your achievements, allowing you to show off an impressive rendering of an important certificate that says a lot about you or a loved one. A final product, featuring a polished brass metal plate mounted on a wood plate, offers an official look and feel for a distinguished diploma.

Instead of a plaque, another alternative to an engraved Custom Diploma or certificate is the use of stone. Whether you choose rich black granite, or stately white or green marble, the polished finish on the front surface of a custom diploma adds a radiant sheen that really stands out on a desktop or in an office.

Just keep in mind that there are specific characteristics for every different type of stone used in making custom diplomas: black granite has a very small grain, white has mild veining streaks on the surface, and the veining streaks on the surface of Green Marble go from mild to heavy.

Engraved Custom Diplomas: Wood or Acrylic?

If you prefer to have your diploma or certificate engraved in wood, Alder is one of the best hardwoods for the job: frequently used in the making of furniture and cabinets, an engraved Alder diploma is equally adaptable for an office or house decoration.

For those who prefer lighter compositions, a floating acrylic diploma plaque might offer as a stylish option. The laser engraved text and logos use natural lighting to illuminate the plaque, giving it a natural and clean look. To enhance the detail, the clear acrylic plate can float over Piano Finish Rosewood or Ebony plaque.

Engraved Custom Diplomas: Where & How To Get Them

At Laser Engraved Memories, it’s easy to find a custom diploma design that suits whatever type of diploma you’re looking to immortalize. Before ordering, you can navigate through our site to find what kind of product you’re looking for. Once you’ve chosen the material, style, and size of your plaque, it’s just a matter of scanning your document on a grayscale setting at 300 DPI and either quickly uploading it our Order page or emailing it directly to our sales department at sales@laserengravedmemories.com. In addition, Laser Engraved Memories offers a FREE, no-obligation proof, so you can see exactly what your final product will look like.

Start browsing our selection of plaques today and get the custom plaque you’ve been looking for!