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Diploma Replacement

Diploma Replacement can be tedious, time consuming, and lead to frustration and disappointment. If you have an old diploma that needs replacing, there may be an alternative.

For those who are looking to replace an old diploma, it can be extremely difficult. Diplomas, after all, make for really sentimental and cherished gifts, especially when framed and mounted. High school diplomas take people back to that special time in their life, while college degrees -- which are usually much more elaborate -- display a person's accomplishment in earning a degree in higher education.

Of course, over the years, these cherished documents sometimes fall into disrepair. They may have been kept in a drawer or file for decades, and as a result have suffered creases, water damage, or tears. In short, they may no longer be an in any condition to frame and give as a gift.

Getting a reissuing of a diploma or degree can be more complicated than you might think. In all cases, schools will require a rigorous proof that the person whom you are representing really did attending the school and graduate. If you are pursuing a replacement degree or diploma for yourself, then the process will be merely tedious. However, if you're looking to surprise a friend or loved one with a newly framed diploma or degree, getting it replaced while still keeping it a surprise may actually be impossible.

Even if you do manage to get the diploma replaced, you may also be disappointed in the diploma's new design. Older diplomas and degrees tended to be fancier and more elaborate. Newer diplomas,  certificates, and other paper-based awards are more spartan in their design and may not look nearly as good in a frame.

Fortunately, if you find yourself dealing with any of these roadblocks in the diploma replacement process, there is a viable alternative.

Laser Engraving: The Diploma Replacement Alternative

Now, through next-generation laser engraving technology, virtually any image can be permanently laser engraved onto a stone, metal, plastic, or wood plaque -- including diplomas. In recent years, instead of going through the diploma replacement process to get a clean, new copy of the document, people instead have sent in their old, careworn diplomas and degrees and had them immortalized in an attractive plaque that looks great on a wall or desktop.

In addition, for those who have one copy of their diploma, which they want to keep at home, but also want an impressive facsimile for their office, a diploma plaque makes is the perfect option.

diploma restorationThe Restoration Process:

Of course, depending on the condition of an old diploma, a laser engraver will have to do more than simply place it on a flatbed scanner and let the computer do all of the work. At Laser Engraved Memories, we often spend valuable hours carefully restoring diplomas to their original form before using their design for a plaque.

Using an ultra high-quality flatbed scanner, we utilize today's most robust graphical editing suite of software to touch up the design so that when it renders to stone, plastic, metal, or wood, the fonts, letting, borders, and other elements of the diploma are crisp and clear.

Choosing the Right Plaque Material

As mentioned before, diplomas can be rendered in a wide range of different design materials. Typically, people choose the design material based on decorative choices, depending on where the diploma plaque will be displayed. However, there are some design considerations as well: with wood, for example, the design itself is essentially "burned" into the wood. Thus, ultra-fine letting and designs can be more difficult on a wood bases versus a metal base, for example. Stone also offers certain challenges, since the laser engraver creates millions of tiny fissures along the engraving line, which changes the fineness of the line, compared to metal or plastic.

Whatever your choice, the price and service you'll get from Laser Engraved Memories is well worth reconsidering your diploma replacement project.

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By Michael Nace

Photo from westdeanconservation.com