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Diploma Plaque

diploma plaqueLooking for information on crafting a diploma plaque from your original high school or college diploma? Read about what it takes to do the job right.


Getting around to framing or displaying your diploma is usually not a project that someone just at the end of their academic career engages in. Usually, a person stuffs their diploma away and heads off to work – it isn’t until some rainy day in the distant future that they get around to figuring out how they want to actually display it in their home or office. Often times, going back to your first high school or college reunion might be the onus for digging around for your diploma.


proud of her diploma

If you’ve found yourself seeking out ways that you can display and present your diploma, perhaps you’ve considered a diploma plaque?


How a Diploma Plaque is Different


The diploma plaque is a completely different way of displaying your diploma or degree from traditional mattes and frames. Instead of using the original document, the diploma is sent to a laser engraver, expertly scanned and touched up using the latest scanning technologies, and then meticulously reproduced onto a decorative plaque crafted of high quality stone, wood, plastic, or metal. Because the laser engraving process is performed by a computerized system that works directly from the digitized reproduction of the diploma, the results are photo-like.


There are unique advantages to presenting a diploma plaque: first, it allows you to archive and store away the original document without exposing it to the elements. Even in a frame, the original diploma is susceptible to damage or fading. A diploma plaque preserves the visage of the original diploma, but presents it in an enduring, long-lasting format.

The Best Materials for a Diploma Plaque


Often times when people consider a diploma plaque, they make their decisions on what kind of plaque to use based entirely on aesthetics. While aesthetics are important, so too is pairing the right construction material with the place where you intend to display the plaque. If you are looking to display the plaque indoors, then using any type of material will do – they all hold up well indoors. However, if your diploma plaque is going to be displayed outside, it is best to use stone. Metal of course looks beautiful outside, but bronze metal diploma plaques are apt to rust or corrode.


Diploma Plaques Make a Great Gift


Have you come across a loved one’s old diploma? If so, you have a perfect opportunity to make a fine gift out of it! Send the diploma to Laser Engraved Memories, and our expert craftsmen will meticulously scan, restore, and render your diploma onto the plaque of your choice. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion that a friend of loved one will truly cherish!