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Diploma Engraving

diploma engravingWondering how diploma engraving works? Read about how the laser engraving process has taken diploma engraving to a whole new level in beauty and quality.


Stroll through the mall or leaf through a catalogue, and you quickly realize that laser engraving has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, it seems like virtually anything can be personalized through laser engraving, from very expensive heirlooms to inexpensive promotional items.  To be sure, the laser engraving process has made it possible to take even the most ordinary product and transform it into a one-of-a-kind keepsake.


There are, however, other applications for laser engraving, such as its use in the reproduction of diplomas, certificates, and degrees. This approach to displaying and presenting official documents has become a new and exciting way to avoid the cost and risk of framing an original diploma – particularly when it is very old. Also, while an old diploma may be damaged or faded and doesn’t present well, a diploma plaque can restore the vividness of the original document.


How Does Diploma Engraving Work?


The diploma engraving process is not a simple one; it requires several integral steps in order to achieve the beauty and quality that the customer is looking for. The first step is choosing the right materials. Because of the versatility of laser engraving technology, now, a wide range of different materials can be used for engraving a diploma, including stone, metal, hardwoods, plastic, and even glass. 

diploma receptionThe second step is to receive, scan, and prepare the diploma for the engraving process. Customers often think that the most time=intensive process is the engraving itself. This is in fact not true: it is the scanning and rendering process that takes the most time, since the document must be flawless before giving it over to the computer for engraving into a plaque.


If there is any flaw or mark on the diploma, the laser engraver will render that mark. At Laser Engraved Memories, we restore the diploma on screen to ensure that it is as clean and unmarked as the day it was issued, so that the engraving process is flawless.


Step three is where the computer takes over. At this stage, the laser stylus processed the digital data of the optimized scan of the diploma and eviscerates the surface of the plaque in order to complete the process. Once the laser engraving process is complete, the plaque need only be checked to ensure quality and sent to the customer.



If you are interested in diploma engraving for your diploma, or as a gift for a friend or loved one, consider Laser Engraved Memories. Our staff of talented artisans will give you the beauty and quality you’re looking for in an engraved diploma.