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Diploma Display

diploma displayAre you shopping around for a diploma display? Before you buy, read about an attractive, timeless alternative to traditional diploma displays.

If you're looking for an attractive diploma display for a high school diploma or college degree, you're bound to find a wide range of different styles and prices to choose from. Just doing a quick Google search yields a tremendous number of options, from do-it-yourself value-priced frames to fancy, custom frames. Before you invest in one of these traditional diploma displays, however, there are some things to consider.

First, for value-priced diploma displays, it's important to note that one size doesn't fit all. Diplomas -- and particularly older diplomas -- come in a wide variety of sizes. As a result, do-it-yourself diploma displays often have flimsy, unreliable variable designs that neither stay together reliably nor look nearly as impressive as the diploma itself. It is important, after all, that the diploma display doesn't detract from the diploma itself.

Second, if you're looking to price professional framing services for a diploma, prepare to spend a tremendous amount of money. With framing, you get what you pay for, and if you're looking to invest in a truly attractive and classic display option for your diploma, then be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars for the matting, framing, and glass.

Laser Engraved Diploma Plaques

If you're set on spending the money for a custom frame as a diploma display, you might instead want to consider a laser engraved diploma or certificate plaque instead. The fact is, many diploma plaques are prices similarly to custom frames, and yet with a laser engraved plaque, you get an incredibly attractive, timeless recreation of your diploma that will withstand the test of time.

With laser engraving, it is now possible to render a plaque that looks virtually identical to the original. This allows you to safely store your diploma and display the plaque as well. In addition, a plaque can withstand environmental conditions much better than a paper diploma, meaning that you can display it over a fireplace, in a damp basement, or even outside.

At Laser Engraved Memories, we take pride in working one on one with our clients to craft fully custom diploma plaques that exceed their expectations. We work closely with the original diploma to get the very best scan possible, so that the laser engraved rendering is pristine. Together with our wide range of material options, you're bound to get a finished product that you'll cherish forever.

If you're interested in learning more, please visit our Custom Engraved Diplomas page.

By Michael Nace