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Dedication Plaques For Benches

dedication plaques for benchesAt first thought, it may not seem like Dedication Plaques For Benches have much use, aside from a park or memorial administration service asking people not to litter or feed the birds. While those sorts of high-profile public service announcements are indeed important -- and are often posted on high-use items such as park benches -- Dedication Plaques For Benches also play a key role in allowing a wide range of different public and private locations to raise money for future expansion.

In this way, being able to personalize a park bench with a dedication plaque has an important purpose.

Quite often, when a new development project reaches its funding stage, the developers will often look for donations from the community that will utilize the new facility. This is particularly true for churches, private schools, cemeteries, and even some parks and community spaces. The planning committees of these sorts of proposed facilities will often offer several different funding levels, each of which offers a different way to be recognized for a donation.

Park benches are a popular, mid-level donation choice, since they usually can get bought for a few hundred dollars -- a price tag that middle-class people are apt to be able to afford. At the same time, it can be a big help to have park benches purchased by donors, rather than having to dip into primary funds in order to purchase several of them at once.

Click an Image Below to Design a Bench Dedication Plaque 

designing dedication plaques for benchesDesigning Dedication Plaques For Benches

When designing dedication plaques for benches, it is important to note that the location for where the plaque can be placed is severely limited. A typical park bench is composed of two stone side pieces, supported by a network of strong, reinforced wood planks, which form the seat and back of the bench. Placing the plaque on one of the stone sides of the bench is not viable, since they tend to be low-profile and simply will not be seen. The standard location for dedication plaques for benches is in the utter center position of the bench's back support.

Before designing your plaque, it is essential to determine the width of each wooden plank, so that the plaque is no wider. Also, these plaques tend to be small, so the amount of text that can be included is usually limited as well. A best practice is to simply highlight the donor's name, or the name of the person whom the bench was dedicated to. Other messages such as "Donated By" or "In Loving Memory" often accompany the names.

Finally, it is important to remember to invest in a plaque that will withstand the test of time. Bronze plaques are a popular choice, however, the bronze alloys used in less expensive metal plaques often oxidize rapidly. Before choosing a plaque, be sure to enquire on which materials hold up best in the weather and elements.

Laser Engraved Memories specializes in creating dedication plaques for benches. be sure to browse our website for more design ideas!