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Dedication Plaques Design & Wording 

By Mike Wallis

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You may have already noted that whether they are large or small, dedication plaques tend to have a similar design or esthetic. They use text that is laid out in an organized way and which encourages you to read and to immediately note the highlights of the statement. Although there is usually a standard format to dedication plaques there is no right or wrong way to design one. We'll take a closer look in this article at some of the basics of general dedication plaque design and wording.

Dedication Plaques
Some Basics
1. Opening phrases such as "Dedicated to" or "In Memory of";

2. The name or names of those being honored, or an explanation of the reason for the dedication (usually italicized for emphasis);

3. The dates related to the event, person, dedication, etc.;

4. Any personalized information such as a quote, a few important facts, or even some specific accomplishment related to the plaque; and

5. A closing phrase about the person or persons being honored, their connection to the location of the plaque, or a brief summary of the location where the plaque is placed.

6. A photo - if you have chosen laser etching it means that you have access to precision reproduction of photographs too. So, you need only consider if an image of the person or group being memorialized should appear on the actual plaque. When the sign is made in "landscape" (horizontally wider than taller) format you may find it best to put the image on one side of the text. When made in the other way, in portrait format, it usually works best to put the image along the top or bottom for balance.

Though this all looks very standard and formulaic, you are able to create a very strong impression when you make sure you combine the important facts with something more personal. For example, dedication plaques are often used on such simple things as public gardens. These are often very "readable" and pleasant because they include the name or names of those that created them, a lovely quote about their dedication to the space, and the dates that the area was created. This is not boring, dull, or cold. Instead, such dedication plaques bring the event or issue to life for the reader, and that is what you must try to do when composing them.

If you need help designing a dedication plaque we have dedicated graphic artist to assist. This is a free service that is included with with any of our online orders. Click the link below to get started and submit for your FREE proof designed by our professional graphic artist.

Click here to view our
Dedication Plaques & design online