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Dedication Plaque Layout

Looking for some tips on choosing the right dedication plaque layout? Here are some things to keep in mind.

When it comes to choosing a dedication plaque layout, the stakes couldn't be higher. After all, the whole idea of a dedication plaque is that it is going to stand the test of time and remain in high visibility for years and decades to come. If the design isn't right, you'll either be stuck with it for an eternity, or you'll have to spend double the amount of money to have a second dedication plaque designed and created. 

Before you go ahead and invest in an expensive dedication plaque, it's best to think about what you're looking for, and which design matches your goals.

Picture Or No Picture?

Is your dedication plaque going to include a portrait of someone, or is it going to be all text? If you're planning on utilizing a photo, it's not a bad idea to plan for a rectangular shape to the plaque, as it will give you more space in the long run to include text as well. However, if the plaque is only going to be text, a square-shaped plaque is good move. It also looks nice to center-align each line of text on a text-only dedication plaque layout.

The only exception to this shape rule could be if your dedication plaque is going to simply serve as a cornerstone for the year the building was dedicated. If this is the case, a large date across a rectangular plaque looks best.

Adding a Photo?

If you're going to include a photo or portrait, where you decide to place the photo has everything to do with what you want the reader to focus on. If the photo is the main focal point, then you can center the portrait and place a bit of text above and below it. However, if your dedication plaque needs a bit of explanation, a better approach is to place the portrait flush left or right, and set the text on the opposing side. This will ensure that you have enough room for all of your text.


Dedication Plaque Layout: Get A Proof First!

No matter how well you've visualized your dedication plaque in your head, you'll never know exactly what it will turn out looking like until you see the finished product. After all, while you might be the person designing it, someone else is going to be the one to actually create it. A best practice is to look for a laser engraver who can give you a proof of the design before you actually have the plaque created. This proof will give you the closest thing to the finished product.

At Laser Engraved Memories, we give each and every one of our customers a FREE, no-obligation proof, no matter how inexpensive their plaque may be. Simply put, you don't pay until you approve the proof!

If you're interested in learning more about dedication plaques, be sure to visit our Dedication Plaques page today!