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Dedication Plaque Ideas

dedication plaque ideasLooking for dedication plaque ideas? Read below for some great ideas on how you can use a dedication plaque to make a building truly timeless.


Ever notice that the most impressive places and structures in the world seem to have a dedication plaque? What comes first – the greatness of the building or the plaque? The fact is, buildings and places mean something; usually they are conceived of and created by a lot of hard work and vision. Often times, great buildings are the work of entire communities who pitched in time, money, and resources to make them a reality. It is for all of these reasons that dedication plaques always seem to accompany timeless buildings.


Dedication Plaque Ideas for Your Building


If you’re in the process of building a new building, or if you are the owner or manager of an already built structure, you may want to consider adorning it with an attractive, enduring dedication plaque. Not only does a dedication plaque look great on a house or building, but also it gives future generations key information on what went in to building it.


The Cornerstone


One of the most common dedication plaque ideas is the cornerstone. In the old days, the cornerstone was the foundational stone used to begin the building process, and one that played an important part in the construction of the structure itself. Today, cornerstones tend to be more ornamental. However, a cornerstone can be made especially unique by using a dedication plaque to highlight the year that the building was finished.

cornerstoneLobby Plaque

Large buildings typically have a lobby, and churches often have an entrance area, sometimes called the narthex. These areas are places where people congregate and meet before entering into the main part of the building. These are optimal areas for displaying a dedication plaque. In this instance, the plaque can either be prominently displayed on a wall, or presented on an attractive pedestal. 


Dedication Plaque Ideas for the Home

Sometimes, homeowners also want to feature a dedication plaque for their home. This is particularly true of older homes, or farms and ranches. If this is the case, a stone dedication plaque presented at the front of the property is often the best choice. A stone dedication plaque can tell the unique story of the property, and will also hold up to the test of time.


Regardless of whatever dedication plaque ideas you dream up, be sure to let Laser Engraved Memories be your provider. Our craftsmen are skilled in crafting attractive, high quality laser engraved plaques that will withstand the test of time.