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Dedication Plaque Design

dedication plaque designDedication plaques are a special way to pay tribute to that special person in an organization, community or family. This is not anything new. Ever since the dawn of civilization, communities, governments, and kings alike have honored victories in battles, great monuments, and important structures with a plaque to highlight their importance. Little has changed in the 21st century -- you're still likely to see them in cemeteries, war memorials, and on the cornerstones of important buildings. The process of creating a dedication plaque is much different today than it was done throughout the centuries. In fact, dedication plaque design has quickly become a work of art. Through the use of rapidly advancing laser engraving technology, you can custom design and craft a commemorative plaque for any one of your loved ones at affordable prices. 

Dedication Plaque Design Is Easy

Some people get overwhelmed when it comes to the task of designing a dedication plaque. There are some myths associated with dedication plaque design that doesn't help settle people down. The truth of the matter is that designing a dedication plaque for a building, a bench, or even to sit in a lighted case all have some basic principles that are easy to follow. 

1. Choose a Picture - With the use of laser engraving it is easy to create an exact replica of a photo without having to worry about being too artistic. 

2. Remember the Dates - Dates should be included on the plaque either in the birth/death of the person on the plaque, the dates of an event, or other date of significance. 

3. Name Should be Included - This is particularly important if you are dedicating something in the honor of a person. The name should be highlighted or led to with words like "In memory of..." or similar. 

4. Meaningful description - This can be done with a simple description of the person and what they did, an event that happened in history, special quotes, or anything else that is relevant to the person or event.

As you can see, there are some simple basic "rules" to dedication plaque design. With these in mind, then the process is much easier and less overwhelming. The sky is the limit today as to what can be done, especially with laser engraving technology. 

Whatever your reason for researching commemorative plaques, Laser Engraved Memories offers a wide range of different plaque choices and styles, from stone and marble to metal, wood, and acrylic. Even better, you won't pay anything until you 100% approve your FREE, no-obligation design proof for your commemorative plaque.