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Dedication Memorial Plaques

dedication memorial plaquesDedication and memorial plaques are those special touches that add a lot of sentimentality to community or personal spaces. You may have already noted that whether they are large or small, dedication memorial plaques tend to have a similar design or esthetic. 

One of the standard trademarks of a memorial plaque is that the text that is laid out in an organized way and which encourages you to read and to immediately note the highlights of the statement. Although there is usually a standard format to dedication plaques there is no right or wrong way to design one. 

Dedication Memorial Plaques Basics 

One of the first things to understand about dedication memorial plaques is that they are used for dedicating something or remembering. Words like "Dedicated to..." or "In memory of..." are important to set the right tone for the plaque.  The next thing to realize in designing a dedication memorial plaque is that it is for someone. After you begin with the above wording, the name should follow somewhere. Or, the person's name could just be in large letters as a title.

The important is that the name be highlighted.  Dates are also an important part of a dedication memorial plaque. There are the dates in which the person lived, when they accomplished whatever it is they are being honored for, and the dates when the person was honored.  With the use of laser engraving today, a photo is also a great way to spice up dedication memorial plaques. Through the laser technology that is in use today at LaserEngravedMemories.com you can have an exact replica of any photo engraved right into the plaque.

Basic But Better Memorial Plaques

These may seem like basic principles, but with these "basics" in place on dedication memorial plaques, they not only put forth the right sentiment, but they look outstanding. The point of honoring someone is not just to have a name stuck on a building, or a park bench, but to pay tribute to what they are being remembered for. 

If you need help designing a dedication plaque LaserEngravedMemories has a dedicated graphic artist to assist. This is a free service that is included with with any of the online orders. Click the link below to get started and submit for your FREE proof designed by a professional graphic artist.