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Custom Photo Plaques

A photo is the most common choice when looking to customize plaques for any occasion, whether they are memorial, tribute, or dedication plaques. Headstones in cemeteries are probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone thinks about custom photo plaques. In fact, portrait pictures are frequently used in all kids of plaques, usually combined with the name of the departed person, alongside with his or her dates of birth and death and, in some cases, a short memorial quote or epitaph. 

In addition, custom photo plaques can also be useful to pay tribute to someone, remember a pet, or recall an important achievement. Regardless of their purpose, plaques are usually placed in meaningful sites, which highlight the photo even more.  After all, plaques are supposed to preserve memories, so it’s understandable that you want it to be customized and faithful to the original photo. 

Laser engraving custom photo plaques

There are many ways to custom a plaque with a photo of your choice. For high quality engraving, it’s advisable to go for laser engraved plaques, a technique that achieves incomparable levels of detail, both in photo and text. Another advantage of the laser is the engraving durability it imprints in the object: the photo will not wear out over the years, as it often happens with other methods.


Customizing plaques with a photo

At first sight, choosing the best photo for a custom plaque might sound like an impossible task, but the first step is to decide what kind of photo you want. For memorial plaques, some persons choose the last photo taken before the other died, but others go for a photo of the person they lost during his or hers early  or teenage years.

The photo of your choice is going to be there, representing your loved one, through the ages, so try to pick one that represents his spirit. For laser engraving a portrait in a plaque, the only thing necessary is that the photo is high-quality, to captures as many details as possible.

To get more inspiration and different ideas about what can be done with a photo in a custom plaque, browse the Laser Engraved Memories website. Our photo galleries are full of examples of how photos will look like when engraved in different custom plaque materials. 

By Inês Raposo