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Commemorative Plaques & Signs

One of the great ways to celebrate someone, or an event, is through commemorative plaques and signs that display the memory in a public area. You have probably seen some of these great looking monuments, park benches, garden memorials and plaques on buildings that signify some major event, or the memory of an important person. There are two feelings associated with that. One is pride and the other is humility. 

Commemorative plaques and signs have a way of doing that to even the biggest of men. The pride that comes to you as you remember or read about an event, and the humility of being in the presence (so to speak) of someone special enough to memorialize. That's the reason why the USS Arizona monument to remember Pearl Harbor, the wall in Washington D.C. to remember the Vietnam war, and even Mt. Rushmore are powerful places. But, what if you just want to remember a family member or pet? 

Home Commemorative Plaques and Signs for Memories

The same feeling can be found within a smaller environment like a home or house landscape. Commemorative plaques and signs do not have to be the large memorials, but can be a great way to preserve the memory of a beloved family member or pet. There is no limit to where they can be, what they can look like, and what they can be created from.  A commemorative plaque and sign is more than just a few words on a tag or picture. It is a complete package that requires a lot of thought and humble pride. 

Thoughts for Preserving Memories on Plaques and SignsTaking the step to creating commemorative plaques and signs for your yard, or home, is not something to do in a few minutes. There is a lot of thought involved in the process. You should take some time to think about:

  • Type of base for the plaque or sign
  • Picture to be used
  • Any words, dates, or information to include
  • Material used in the plaque (granite, wood, cement, etc.)
  • Color of the base and plaque


These items may seem trivial to some, but when taken into a complete package they are very important and should be thoroughly thought out.  No matter how well you've visualized your commemorative plaque or sign in your head, you'll never know exactly what it will turn out looking like until you see the finished product. After all, while you might be the person designing it, someone else is going to be the one to actually create it. A best practice is to look for a laser engraver who can give you a proof of the design before you actually have the plaque created.

This proof will give you the closest thing to the finished product. AtLaser Engraved Memories, we give each and every one of our customers a FREE, no-obligation proof, no matter how inexpensive their plaque may be. Simply put, you don't pay until you approve the proof! Do you want to preserve a family memory through commemorative plaques and signs? Check out LaserEngravedMemories.com for your free consultation and proof.