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Commerative Plaque

Wood Memorial Plaque (Alder Wood)Ever since the dawn of civilization, communities, governments, and kings alike have honored victories in battles, great monuments, and important structures with a Commemorative Plaque to highlight its importance. Little has changed in the 21st century -- you're still likely to see them in cemeteries, war memorials, and on the cornerstones of important buildings. 

But did you know that, thanks rapidly advancing laser engraving technology, you can custom design and craft a commemorative plaque for any one of your loved ones at affordable prices?

Laser Engraving and the Commemorative Plaque: A Brief History

If you have a sense that commemorative plaques are inaccessible to the public -- that they are the kind of memorial that only governments and wealthy organizations can afford -- you're not entirely wrong in your thinking. For centuries, this was the case. The process of creating a commemorative plaque was not something that could be automated; it was usually the work of highly skilled, highly trained, and highly paid craftsmen, artisans, or even sculptors, who would etch plaques out of stone using picks and other hand-wrought stone carving and cutting tools.

It was a slow, painstaking process, and one that few could afford.

Now, however, laser engraving technology has made designing and creating commemorative plaques an easy task. No longer are skilled artisans needed to slowly and carefully work a slab of stone. Now, the precision engraving and etching is done by a laser engraver, which vaporizes a plaque's surface with incredible precision. By taking humans out of the crafting process, it allows technicians to now spend more time designing the commemorative plaque on a computer, which can include a wide range of different text fonts, photo renderings, and borers, all of which the laser engraver can render.

Commemorative Plaque Materials

To this point, we've talked about commemorative plaques made of stone. To be sure, the majority of classic plaques set into memorials, buildings, and statues are often made of granite or slate. However, there are some other material options as well.

Metal, for one, makes for a wonderful alternative to stone.

Over time, metal will often oxidize a bit, and develop a kind of nostalgic matte finish. When a metal commemorative plaque is set into stone, it offers a nice complement to stone. Another option is a wood plaque. However, wood plaques are  often best suited for use indoors. They can be particularly well-matched in a church setting.

Whatever your reason for researching commemorative plaques, Laser Engraved Memories offers a wide range of different plaque choices and styles, from stone and marble to metal, wood, and acrylic. Even better, you won't pay anything until you 100% approve your FREE, no-obligation design proof for your commemorative plaque.

Be sure to check out our memorial plaques today!