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Commemorative Photo Plaque

commemorative photo plaqueWhen you think about a commemorative photo plaque, you can not simply pick a photo and send it off to be engraved. There is a lot at stake in this very spiritual, and personal, decision of having a commemorative photo plaque created to memorialize a loved one. The idea of this type of plaque is not to just have something made up to sit on a shelf.

You want something that is going to stand the test of time and remain in high visibility for years and decades to come.Before you go about placing an order for that commemorative photo plaque you should take the time to think about it, plan it out, and research different options. 

Choosing A Photo Is Important

You may think that simply choosing any photo would do for a commemorative photo plaque. However, it is the photo that will be the highlight of the memorial. It should be one that stands out, highlights a life lived, and show a depth of character. 

What Type of Text

The actual text that you put on the photo plaque is also essential to the overall feelings, emotions and memories. Do you want just a name and dates? Is there a favorite phrase or quote? Is there a Scripture or hymn that explained the life lived? The text is more than just words, they are memories.

What Type of Material

A commemorative photo plaque can be created out of a myriad of different materials. Things like rosewood, granite, marble, brass and other metals are a few examples of what can be used when thinking about having a photo plaque made. 

Check Layout First

The commemorative photo plaque, once it has been created, can not be changed. It is, for lack of a better term, set in stone. The engraving has been done, the sanding has been completed, the finished product has been sealed. Before all of this is done, work with the company you are hiring for the photo engraving and finalize the layout. You can do this through photo proofs of the plaque before it gets engraved. 

At Laser Engraved Memories, we give each and every one of our customers a FREE, no-obligation proof, no matter how inexpensive their plaque may be. Simply put, you don't pay until you approve the proof! If you are looking to have a commemorative photo plaque created for your loved ones, check out our dedicated memorial page.