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Bronze Building Dedication Plaques

bronze building dedication plaquesAre you considering designing a dedication plaque for a new building? Read about everything you need to know about bronze building dedication plaques before you buy!

There is something stately and regal about a classy bronze building dedication plaque on the side of the building. It instantly adds an air of importance and stability, as well as establishing a history for the building. For hundreds of years, using dedication plaques and cornerstones to commemorate the construction of new buildings was a way to honor the architect, builder, owner, or benefactor of a building project, and as the years tick by, the significance of the plaque grows.

Even if you're just about to dedicate a new building, there's no reason why it too cannot establish a historical tradition with a classic cornerstone or dedication plaque.

However, if you are thinking about designing a bronze building dedication plaque, there is something that you should know first.

Bronze Building Dedication Plaques: The Problem With Bronze

Bronze is humanity's oldest metal alloy. The reason why the dawn of civilization is known as "The Bronze Age" is because this metal was the first kind to be shaped and wielded into tools, weapons, works of art, and other key items of the day. Even today, bronze has a prominent place in the creation of a wide range of products, and has been used time and time again to create plaques, statues, memorials, due to its ability to be easily worked.

The beauty of bronze, however, over time can turn into a rusting, corroded, and illegible mess.

The bronze alloy is composed of both copper and tin. While the combination of these two elemental metals looks wonderful at first, over time, the plaque will tarnish and rush with a greenish-black patina. At first, the look may seem attractive, but when years turn to decades, it's possible that the plaque could fall into disrepair. Simply put, bronze does not withstand the test of time.

Be sure to read our Bronze Plaque info page for more valuable information.

An Alternative To Bronze Building Dedication Plaques

While bronze building dedication plaques may seem like a standard, there are viable alternatives to consider. Instead of using bronze, designing a stone-based dedication plaque can be equally if not more attractive. The use of granite or similar hard stone holds up incredibly well to the elements over the years, and is unlikely to experience much wear and wear at all, no matter what the climate or weather conditions are. In addition, the look and feel of smooth granite set into a rough, rugged brick or stone face of a building adds a marked contrast -- much in the same way that bronze does, but without the tarnishing effect (which can also stain the stone around it).

If you're interested in a stone dedication plaque, be sure to visit Laser Engraved Memories' Dedication Plaques page for more information.