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Award Plaques

award plaquesAward plaques are a wonderful way to commemorate hard work, increase productivity, and encourage a healthy sense of competition. Read how the rise of the award coincides with individualism and modernity.

Trends in society come and go, but one societal attribute that has been on the rise steady since the dawn of civilization is the individual. In this modern world, we take being individuals for granted. Particularly in the West, the individual is revered and celebrated. However, it was not that way.

For the vast majority of human civilization, the only people who were afforded the rights of the individuals were the nobility and the aristocracy. For the remainder of humanity, they were seen more as a collective group -- and people saw themselves that way as well.

Today, however, things have changed, and celebrating the individual is critically important for a number of reasons. Whether you own a business, coach a sports team, or lead any other group of people, acknowledging hard work and success can:

  • Raise morale.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Develop a healthy sense of competition.
  • Create a history and legacy of success and achievement.

Whatever the reason for acknowledging success, there are a number of ways that you can do this, including the awarding of an award plaque. 

Laser Engraved Award Plaques

Fortunately, thanks to next-generation laser engraving technology, it is now easier than ever to craft completely customized award plaques for employees, athletes, sales leaders, appointed executives, elected officials, or any other person who is deserving of individual recognition. Beginning with attractive construction materials, such as granite, marble, bronze, teak woods, or modern acrylics, you can utilize laser engraving to create text, images, and renderings that speak to the reason why the award was given.

Some popular laser engraved award plaque purposes include:

  • Employee(s) of the month.
  • Managers and assistant managers of stores.
  • Monthly sales leaders.
  • Awards for sports teams.
  • Individual sports awards.
  • Elected officials for a local or regional position.

At Laser Engraved Memories, we work with a wide range of different fonts and styles in order to craft a truly professional, custom award plaque that projects honor and elite recognition.

If you're interested in learning more about designing award plaques, be sure to visit our Awards page for more information and design ideas.

By Inês Raposo