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Alternatives To Framing a Diploma

Wondering what are the alternatives to framing a diploma? Read about some great ideas for presenting your diploma below.

Typically, people have always assumed that you generally have two options for a diploma: frame it or store it away. For many people, the expense of framing is not an option, and so the diploma ends up being relegated to the attic or basement – certainly not the best place to safely preserve an important document!

However, there are alternatives to framing a diploma that still allows you to display it attractively.

Plexiglass Alternative To Framing a Diploma

One of the more modern ways of displaying diplomas and art is to sandwich the paper between two pieces of plexiglass. By doing this, the viewer sees the rough edges of the document and does not benefit from the attractiveness of professional framing. However, this is a more cost-effective approach, and a more modern one.

plexiglass frameOnline Presentation

One of the more common alternatives to framing a diploma is to simply make a scan of the document and post it online. Sometimes business professionals, doctors, or lawyers will present their diploma on their own website. Or, you can simply include it as a photo on your Facebook account. Now, with digital photo frames, you can even present the digitized photo in your home.

Laser Engraved Diploma Plaques


Perhaps one of the most attractive alternatives to framing a diploma is the use of laser engraving. The laser engraving process allows you to render your diploma on a stunning stone plaque in photographic detail without exposing your diploma to the elements. If you’re considering a laser engraved diploma plaque, take a look at what Laser Engraved Memories has to offer. Our skilled craftsmen have the experience needed to render your diploma into a timeless, attractive diploma plaque.